I like budgies.


I like them.

If you want to know more about me than I Like Budgies

Email: totricia [at] yahoo.com

Why I created this website

At the beginning of 12th grade, I became co-president of my school's web design club. So, I felt that I should have a website.

Okay, that was a boring answer. Let's try again.

I am, in reality, a kid. And, besides being a storage device for a bunch of random web pages, this website is my playground - erm, one of them. It's fun! No, really, I love staring at lines of code, trying to figure out why the center div is one pixel off in Internet Explorer! In fact, if I squint hard enough, I can tell that your eyes are a pixel off. Here, let me adjust them with this wrench... *is dragged off to an insane asylum with thick, padded walls*

(So now you know why it's safer to stick with boring.)

Why this website is so weird and random

I do most of the work at night. The rest is done during first period in web design class. That should explain things.


You wouldn't want this website to wear the same clothes every day, would you?

Your current style:


Quote of the Moment

"The future belongs to those who believe in the lessons of the past."
- anonymous

Link of the Moment

Socksoff is a great wallpaper link resource. (And I love the title!)