news for now...

12/12 - I haven't updated this website forever, but guess what? Now I no longer have to! Just choose the "Really Random" style, and the website will be updated EVERY TIME YOU VISIT!

9/19 - I added a new stylesheet based on "boring"! It's called "colors". Go check it out. Someday I'll add one that's actually useable... hehe...

9/18 - I added a new screenshot! Guess what it is...

9/16 later at night - I added the news page and changed the colors of links on the nav bar.

9/16 - I added some more links and I added a screenshot of a Firefox addon for Thomas. I also increased the left-hand margin and got rid of the lorem ipsum.

9/13 - I wrote the text for a new tutorial. But the images aren't ready yet.

9/12 - The "mouseover" is back! Rawrrr.

9/11 - I added some new pages with nothing on them. I'm thinking that the lorem ipsum needs to go soon.

9/4 - Death to mouseovers!
To do: put colors on; add more pages!

9/3 - I'm sick. But I added the boring broken style.

9/2 13:50 - How did the layout get 1 pixel off? ~ Fixed
Mouseovers are too tempting.

9/2 13:45 - Flowers are just too extremely super awesomely cool!

9/2 9:00 - Hooray, thanks to Thomas this site is up! ... barely. Yay for lorem ipsum! Nothing to see... now go away. =)


change style to flowers
change style to boring
change style to colors
Really Random