updates for now...

5/22 - Tiffany kindly contributed a screenshot of Waddle the penguin. It's so cute! All the images now have alt links as per Mr. Knipe the web design teacher's request. ;)

5/21 - I added a Hakuna Matata music video starring Bonnie my pet budgie! Now don't tell me I'm crazy. :D As of last weekend, the video stopped working in Firefox on the school computer.

5/1 - The quotes and links at the right are now random, so I can be lazy and not update! Hooray! Special thanks to Sean for providing links. Thank you Thomas, Angelica, and Stacy for contributing quotes.

4/11 - I made slight changes to the style and made it more consistent. The boring style is now fully functional. I renamed this page "Updates," which I think is more accurate than "News."

4/10 - I added the about page. I added thumbnails to the How to... page. The front page should look more interesting now. Now you can be inspired by the quote of the week and link of the week on the right panel!

4/9 - Pictures have been added to the Water Drop Tutorial, Part I. I've also added the Water Drop Tutorial, Part II. The links page is updated.

4/8 - Well, Happy New Year! And Easter, too! To celebrate all those holidays, now you can go from flowers to boring and back with one simple click! Hooray, hooray! The website is undergoing extensive invisible remodeling. I'm changing all the javascript to PHP, making minor adjustments to things, making IE and Firefox look more alike, and adding in some code stolen (with permission) from JD. yay for stolen code!

12/12 - I haven't updated this website forever, but guess what? Now I no longer have to! Just choose the "Really Random" style, and the website will be updated EVERY TIME YOU VISIT!

9/19 - I added a new stylesheet based on "boring"! It's called "colors". Go check it out. Someday I'll add one that's actually useable... hehe...

9/18 - I added a new screenshot! Guess what it is...

9/16 later at night - I added the news page and changed the colors of links on the nav bar.

9/16 - I added some more links and I added a screenshot of a Firefox addon for Thomas. I also increased the left-hand margin and got rid of the lorem ipsum.

9/13 - I wrote the text for a new tutorial. But the images aren't ready yet.

9/12 - The "mouseover" is back! Rawrrr.

9/11 - I added some new pages with nothing on them. I'm thinking that the lorem ipsum needs to go soon.

9/4 - Death to mouseovers!
To do: put colors on; add more pages!

9/3 - I'm sick. But I added the boring broken style.

9/2 13:50 - How did the layout get 1 pixel off? ~ Fixed
Mouseovers are too tempting.

9/2 13:45 - Flowers are just too extremely super awesomely cool!

9/2 9:00 - Hooray, thanks to Thomas this site is up! ... barely. Yay for lorem ipsum! Nothing to see... now go away. =)


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"The future belongs to those who believe in the lessons of the past."
- anonymous

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Socksoff is a great wallpaper link resource. (And I love the title!)