Water Drop Tutorial, Part II

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Learn how to turn a picture into a water drop! Part II. This is a continuation of the Water Drop Tutorial, Part I.

Begin with this image
from Part I:
End with:
Begin with this image from Part I. End with a pretty water drop!
  1. First, make a copy of the current layer and hide it in case you don't like the results and want to try again. To do this, right-click the layer in the layers palette on the right and select "Duplicate Layer..." Hit enter. Then click the eye symbol next to the layer name to hide it.


    step 1 step 1

  2. Now it's time for some shading! Select the burn tool from the toolbox at the left. In the options bar at the top, change the range to "Highlights." The exposure should be 50. Using a brush about size 60, make the bottom and upper areas of the water drop darker.

    step 2

    step 2

    step 2


  3. Select the dodge tool from the toolbox at the left. In the options bar at the top, change the range to "Highlights" and the exposure to about 22% (or whatever you feel like). Click and drag the mouse around the sides of the water drop to make those areas brighter (see image below). Now it looks more 3D!

    step 3 step 3

    step 3


  4. Select the sponge tool. In the options bar, change the mode to saturate. Use the tool to increase the saturation in the water drop (see image below).

    step 4 step 4

    step 4


  5. Add a background and/or shadows if you want. You can also use the eraser tool to make the water drop transparent if you want to put something behind it (not shown).

Ta-da! Fin!


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